The Harmony System



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The Harmony System in action using the Gospel Reference

The Harmony System

4 Products in a Single Package!

The Handbook of Harmony  ?

The Handbook of Harmony

This volume explains the patent pending system and technique on creating beautiful chord progressions and changes.  With this course you will be creating harmonies and progressions to go with music of your choice. There are no songs or progressions to memorize in this course. This is because you are going to be creating your own progressions and harmonies to go with the songs that you choose. This is a step-by-step process that you can apply to any piece of music Learn about Tones, Accidentals, Intervals, chord dissonance, consonance and resolution. How to turn a single note melody into full blown Advanced Chords

In this volume:
175+ pages
Introduction to the number system.
Tones, Accidentals, Intervals
Turn a one note melody into full blown adv   MORE…

Mastering Chord Suspensions  ?

Mastering Chord Suspensions

In this volume you will learn to add passing chords to your chord sequences.
Add an infinite number of lush beautiful chord changes in between any two chords.
Watch us insert 7 lush chord changes on a single note in the christmas song “Joy to the World.”

The Chord Naming System  ?

The Chord Naming System

If you have seen any our our videos or printed material you will probably notice that we are naming some pretty complex chords.
Have no fear After reading this volume you will be able to instantly play any chord just by hearing its name no matter how complex. You will also be able to name any chord that you see.
This is something that you can learn to do in one day after we teach you the system of naming chords.
In this volume:
Learn to play any chords immediately
Learn to immediately name any chord that you see


The Harmony System 5 hour DVD  ?

The Harmony System DVD

This DVD is included for FREE with a Harmony System Package
This 5 hour DVD Stream is the perfect companion to the Harmony System Course. This DVD will reinforce some of the material in the course.
*note – This DVD stream is not mean to be used alone
This is not a physical DVD but you will receive a link to a 5 hour private video stream. An internet connection is required



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