Infinite Chords

Ever find yourself holding a note for more than one beat and you have this sense of empty space where you feel like you should be playing something and don't know what to do?

What if you could fill in that empty space with lush chord changes.

That is very easy to do once you have learned to Harmony System.

In this example we find ourselves on an Ab note and the song is in the key of Db. While we are on that Ab note we make six beautiful chord changes. In practice the melody note is an Ab, and we simply hold that melody note down while we make these chord changes.


Sample Lesson 1


It took us approximately 4 minutes to come up with these chord changes using the Harmony System.

We used the system by telling it what the key signature is and what the melody note is and it gave over 100 possible chord choices.

All we did was pick 6 at random and played them in sequence.

In Music Theory terminology this is a

I - V - II - V - III- I Progression

I - Maj 9 add 6
V - 7b9b5#5
II - min 11
V - 13 sus
II - 7#9#5
I - Maj 9 ad 6

And Yes... You will be playing advanced chords like this on DAY ONE!!

Once you understand the system this will become second nature and you will be able to sit at your instrument and do this immediately.

But while you are still learning or if you need immediate results, you are able to use the Harmony System and print out the chords that you have selected in the exact visual format that you see above, and use the visual representation as your music.

That's right, with the Harmony System there is NO MUSIC READING REQUIRED.

Here we play around with the Ab tone on the piano. We call the (Ab) note the suspension (the note on top that you hold down).

Here is another example that we created in the key of C.

Here in the example we hold down the G and decided to make this sequence more interesting.



Sample Lesson 2

We wanted the bass note to move in the cycle of 4th's while we hold down the G.

So the bass moves like this:

C - F - Bb - Eb - Ab - Db

The Windows version of our software to print out your creations in the visual format that you see above is included with our complete course packages MASTER package and above.

With the Harmony System you have COMPLETE CONTROL and it only take a few minutes.

Here again we create a sequence right at the piano in minutes where the bass moves in 4'ths.

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